Sorry, please view attached screenshot of my smartphone which shows that Evil Kitty is NOT allowed to access.

Also notice the double-digit numerical value of the timestamp to this weblog post title.

Without fail (and while still struggling to pass lots of poo-poo), ‘they’ are communicating their presence.

The timestamp to the previous weblog post would have been a double three digit. But my smartphone changed the number to 34 as I typed the time.

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  1. Oooohhh, try this… https://www.patreon.com/uwantson

    They are using that “https” thingy, instead of “http”. Figured that one out pretty quick, as at first, mine was throwing me to searh.frontier instead.


    • OH, dear Lawd Gawd! I saw something about joining a tier! Welp, I’m gonna meditate now.

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      • Rob thought it was an affiliate program. I thought it was another social media profile type thingy. So that’s why I made one. And since I have no desire to raise money for myself, I guess, that it, too, will be like other stuff and just sit there and take up internet space.

        It kinda sorta looks like a gofundme thing, sort of.


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