Ocean Regent UPDATED https://ourspiritualworld.blogspot.com/2018/07/ocean-regent-updated.html

I was driving homebound to fetch Dad and visit Mom. Saw updated blog. Like previous video. ‘Thoughts’ that I saw movement. Then this updated video showed vertical rise of image. Amazing.

1410: Yeah so I had a dream many slong years ago.

Traveled fast forward. Saw angel travel along side to my right field of vision.

Opened eyes.

Beheld vastness of clouds. Saw vastness of endless stone wall behind me.

Looked around, turning head slowly left and right. Looked down to see my feet.

Felt weightlessness as feet did NOT seem planted on surface.

Felt arms relaxed downward, palms forward.

Looked forward yonder clouds, saw light brownish spot.

Curious. Saw through looking ‘window’ as if goggles.

Closed eyes and opened eyes wide and slowly back into my body.

Real stuff.

8 thoughts on “20180708-1357-Stuff

  1. we were at the beach about 5 in the afternoon when it appeared in the north. My guess it was about 3000 feet high or thereabouts. Sentinels and Regents are ENORMOUS anyways.
    Nathan noticed it first and not the first time, neither. Then they go to university and lose all Dad gave them, because of “science and ego”
    Hovind was right. Socialist school systems kill spiritual relationships. And turns loving people into a**holes.

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      1. Right. It’s a temporary loss. It’s mainly about peer pressure, grades, et al. the heart is good, the expression just gets confused. I have 3 degrees, but if anything, the link between me and the Most high only ever got stronger. Because my focus wasn’t peer approval, but getting nearer to dad. Which He delivered on and since, in 2005.

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    1. That explains why I have always hated school. For 12 from age 6 to 17 was nothing but torture for me. And living at home growing up with assholes was another.

      Anyway, after school was over for me, it was such a relief that I actually could relax somewhat. The Public Fool System is a PRISON from hell, for real. My daughter hated school too. She ended up quitting and getting her GED instead with good grades, after all. She got treated as badly as I did, and since I never forgot that, I ALWAYS sided with her when butting heads with school officials, teachers, and other idiot droids.

      We were never being lazy, we just hated it. The only good thing out of it, was reading and writing, at least. For the most part, I am self-taught and love to read and research things myself.

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      1. I hated attending school but had to get good grades as that was an ‘Asian’ thing to do. My younger brother was too intelligent for school and had to drop outta college. He is VERY good writer, preceptive in his analysis of all things, but somewhat paranoid. He too has spiritual gifts, a fighter for the wronged, but he refuses to obey some stuff meant to be for his own good.

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