Dear diary,

Days 2 and 3 at the SNF seemed more tolerable than expected as Mom is passed out for most of the day. Her eating seemed to have increased. She was able to move her limbs and grip my hands as part of my therapy to her, including muscle massages.

Yesterday two visitors came by at around 13:20 pm to 14:40 pm. Both are from our local church. They had attended my parent’s 50th party. The dad is part of my main church choir. The mom (who is a nurse like my mom) shared stuff with us – that her daughter was a nurse of that Apple guy for two years before he died of cancer.

Today two visitors came by cat after 16:00 pm. I didn’t mind driving my relatives. But that Rodolfo is creepy insane. He didn’t greet Mom and hid behind the privacy curtain like the Twit Wifey would do in similar fashion – hiding; didn’t greet Mom but had to move into Mom’s line of view as her neck was stiff; kept saying ‘Astig’, meaning thug or brute or caveman really; and didn’t offer Mom support but repeated something about goodbye or bye.

The room was sweltering HOT but that stuffy air didn’t seem to bother her and she didn’t complain. But she is still a tough nurse and a boss OVER the staff. I like the wife better than my own paternal uncle, because unlike him, she is more caring and understand (since she works with residents) and really supportive. She brought several gee-nah-tah-anh food for mom. It’s a kind of sweet and sticky dessert made outta coconut, jackfruit and starch balls, which Mom ate with gusto.

So bless the souls of these few well-wishers. That’s three and a half outta the four – the half being that my bloodline is rebellious. Okay, fine. I’m making stuff up here as far as being mean and nasty but he was creepy and kept coughing in Dad’s MB E430 en route homebound where they carpooled from our home. Respondent came out and looked at me directly but I didn’t have anger only wondering why California allows the likes of her to exist.

Dad is getting lost and failed to assist in putting on Mom’s diapers. Sorry, folks for all these graphic details but my assignment is quite interesting as I am NOT sitting on my widening derriere as I used to do in front the computer doing good paying desk jobs; but instead sitting down to rest; doing computer stuff (all over again); and getting up to adjust, reposition, clean, wipe, and whine. He!

Yeah so as an added bonus – for those seeking Christ; it’s actually SUFFERING and SACRIFICING your stuff with others – NOT over others but being there for each other and outta love, I guess. Y’all are allowed to whine as an outlet to be shared unto the resident entities of this hellish planet. I told this stuff to Dad en route homebound after leaving the SNF on or about 21:15.

I think I talk too much as I’m seeing Mom’s face cringe from displeasure. Brouhaha! Sorry.


Flynn B-yakking

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