Adding thoughts unto thoughts:


Baby Tink look a like a my lost teddy bear – striped stuffed animal toy.


Spartan. Das Squirrel participated in http://spartanrace.com. Woo! Yah!


December of 1975 – Seven years old.


34watching daily at my doors, waiting at the posts of my entrances.

Yay! So God so chose to create and allow thee to share the ‘outgoings of life’. You are then so loved and protected. Amen.

I guess the CIA needs to apologize to you, your family, and the rest of humanity for all it’s worth – the truth of your Dad.

4 thoughts on “20180708-2345-Stuff

  1. And I am also praying for the continued protection of Mikey and Tink. Have been for some time now. May Dad continue to protect both these kittehs, as he has been protecting ours.

    Do we has “agreez” in “Meows”?

    And all the kittehs say, “Amen”, errr.. Meow!


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