Dear diary,

I forgot the time when I had a thought while still taking a shower last night, which was a few hours ago. I really should be sleeping but y’all keep visiting my personal weblog site. Fine.

Anyway, remember when you blogged about going outta state for your stuff but the date was delayed and you happen to find yourself in the center of everything evil?

Well, I finally connected some weird similarities as the SNF is located to a similar naming strip! OMG! I was bawling out loud or laughing or whatever is the correct word to describe my revelation.

And the city of that SNF is the abbreviation of your HUGE city. So in my area, there is only one place with that similar street and city abbreviation. The place is close to the hospital. And a heart doctor is connected to the SNF.

Oh and I tried sending three emails to the clinical case manager – two emails were blocked because I was whining about their awful service, which according to Das Squirrel on Saturday, received two or whatever stars online.

But we have to accept that there are limits to everything including staff, especially the CNA, and most especially the nurses, who typically serve forty patients!

And the church lady who was a nurse shared with us that she had to quit the following day after discovering that she was solely responsible for forty patients. She had to give tube feeding to patients and she didn’t want to jeopardize her license should something goes wrong with speeding up the process.

So y’all see, if Trump can MAGA, then he’s gotta clean out these money-making establishments, period. I mean from far and wide to top and bottom. I downloaded Mom’s EOB and I saw the numbers for ONE freaking procedure, which was taken out anyway within one month due to Mom’s complications! Oh, she’s gonna be dinged big time for taking stuff from the government. No, sir. Uh, uh.

That’s my sentiment with the medical and biopharmaceutical industries. There are ways to heal but to allow that much funds to be routed into research and development, only to have humanz endure the side effects, that’s NOT good. Uh, uh.

It’s 201709-0042 and my left earhole is ringing louder than usual and the stopped. I have had high-pitch sounds inside my earholes for most of my life. Huh. I guess is time to sleep.


Flynn B-free

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