1. Hello Flynn,

            I do not know Flynn, that may decrease your mainstream appeal, but I still think that you should be getting more views; and I think that maybe there are a few things that you can try or experiment with to see if they make a difference or not.

            I am not sure if you are currently doing any of these things are not but some suggested things to try include:

            Instead of using dates in your post titles try to come up with post titles, I could be imagining things, but that seemed to possibly help me.

            Do not use the more tag, this might not matter, but I worry that the more tag might hinder web crawlers for search engines.

            Make sure that your settings are set to allow search engines to index your blog.

            Use the publicize option.

            Try to avoid deleting your blogs and changing domains so much.

            Use images and / or videos in posts more often.

            Maybe use a few more widgets like some of the core 10 or less widgets that will benefit most blogs.

            Make sure to use tags and at least one category for all of your posts and make sure that the combined number of tags and categories per post do not surpass 15.

            And maybe a few other things. 😉

            -John Jr

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          2. Addendum thought: Also, blogging seems to have lost its appeal, at least for moi. And it’s too much ‘maintenance’. Then again, I’ll meditate on what ‘else’ I need to do to avoid scaring away readers.

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          3. Hello Flynn,

            Blogging does seem to be becoming a lost art or something.

            I agree that it can take up too much time .

            Good luck with your meditations. 😉

            I am surprised that you do not have a small following, you might be surprised how many people might be interested in some of your content, if they knew about your blog (most probably do not).

            -John Jr

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          4. Hello Flynn,

            I disagree and agree, sometimes that is the case, but I think that some of your topics and beliefs will be more popular with certain audiences with similar beliefs and interests.

            -John Jr

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