If you start with a rich country and keep adding poor people, you eventually end up with a poor country. Not really rocket science. http://dailymessenger.blogspot.com/2018/07/if-you-start-with-rich-country-and-keep.html

Yup. Usually when I go to public restroom and see trash (toilet papers, toilet lid liners) and other debris, the first thought that would enter my pissed off mind: Mexicans.

We have a mall in South San Jose, and it’s clean for the most part, save for the public restrooms, despite the majority of gangs located in that general area.

So I’d go outta my personal ways to pick up after them because I don’t wanna sit on toilets where the floor is littered with trash.

I think some are probably mentally ill because some are clean but most are filthy dirty and NOT rich. So I guess the poor don’t care.

But Mom doesn’t want me to do stuff here that the staff is supposed to do like tidy up stuff.

I recalled that she dumped litter along the road while vacationing in the PI. I was pissed. So y’all know that even the wealthy are assholes who do NOT give a damn.

WTF am I surrounded by these goons? I guess only God knows. And through it all, they are loved ones who don’t give a damn.


Flynn B. Surrounded by goons who don’t give a crap, which I saw along a path a week a ago! Eww!

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