Family Frees Grateful Whale Trapped in Fishing Net, Near Death (Video) https://saboteur365.wordpress.com/2018/07/07/family-frees-grateful-whale-trapped-in-fishing-net-near-death-video/

Delayed incoming thought a few days ago:

While the saviors may have been whitish, they were NOT very smart because they only had a freaking SMALL knifuu! WTF? Making whale friend wait one hour or so for freedom? Come on!

Please make it a rule whenever going to boat outings, (wilderness treks), wherever to have VERY sharpened scissors (with wrist straps), VERY sharpened knifuus (with wrist straps), flippers and snorkels (for seafarers), and above all your damn broomsticks to ward off pirates.


< / End rant >

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