Dear diary,

I’m blogging via my smartphone because Mom’s private room is small and I don’t have the space to whip out my laptop and mouse.

The room is stuffy and warm, though Mom the patient isn’t complaining about the room temperature. I’m already sweating inside my clothes!

I have my sweat guard – a cotton, sleeveless undershirt, which is underneath my regular tops.

At 1019, I’m still busy with the IV alarm going off, Mom constantly being aroused and bugging me with her crap, and clarifying the scheduling mixup with this stupid facility. Freak them all!

I just replied to a separate email to the social service coordinator about the scheduling of the appointments and transportation. But all is well because we’re all learning NOT to mess up each other.


Flynn B. Overheating and still being rebuked by a tough teach – my mommy dearest. (P.S. I forgot! OMG!)

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