Dear diary,

I’m able to sit down and rest after struggling to get Mom into bed from the wheelchair. She has done much better since yesterday, and that may be partly due to the whatever is making her take power naps.

I’ve sustained edema in my lower extremities, meaning I’m gained weight, heavier, more on my feet, and NOT raising my legs up.

Mom said that I could put on my resume – volunteer caregiver. I’m NOT certified, you idiots! I’m learning from Mom and other CNAs.

Ideally, the closest family member, usually the good daughter, should process the sick and disabled, especially the elderly parents.

This helps ‘free’ up the CNAs with those who are truly helpless. With Mom, she’s VERY fussy and On-Demand.

In order to avoid raising her vitals, I have to process her request immediately. This is part of her recovery effort.

This is also my karmic debt. What I’ve done many slong years ago was to make a windfall gain and get outta her life, so I could live mine!

Alas! The Lawd Gawd did NOT allow me the opportunity to be ‘Married with Children’. Mercifully so, I was ‘saved’ from responsibilities of family life and such, especially in-laws. Eew!

Yeah, so attached is an image showing an nice sharp scissor left lying on a table. I told the Clinical Case Manager but she didn’t know who it belongs to. Huh. Shall I ding this place for OSHA violation? No big deal, y’all say? Okay, fine.


Flynn B. Running with scissors left by a nurse at this SNF.

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