Dear diary,

The traffic this morning was good as I traveled to visit Mom in thirty minutes, including my usual Starbucks drink before traveling. I’ve been taking Dad’s Benz because its powerful engines can climb up and down the slight grade of the hills.

Once again the SNF is located at an abbreviated place like a HUGE city ‘down below’ and off an avenue name similar to where he had a delayed surgery.

I arrived early before the Filipina midget at the front desk arrive at eight o’clock in the morning. She doesn’t greet visitors because she’s a silver frosted hair bitch who doesn’t smile like me.

So I would sign off (if late) while scowling down at her midget face each time. She did greet a Filipino woman in her language yesterday. See? I’m supposed to be Filipino but I look Chinese. Prejudice bunch of unprofessional liberal monkeys. Smack!

Anyway, I should do my stuff but have been clocking in my twelve hour shift babysitting Mom every freaking day until Mom’s release from this facility. It’s the same way I spend, waste my time at home – chores and blogging.

I want to go out but I don’t wanna loose my parking space to the valet attendant and get caught in the early morning traffic in either direction.

So how is my day spent? Starbucks, vacuuming Mom’s meals three times a day, blogging, processing Mom and getting edema.


Flynn B retaining water.

One comment

  1. 20180713-0953. Crapping while viewing your three ‘pending approval’ comments. Bingo! The former (NOT latter) numbered series you mentioned is that Interstate where I exit going to that similar named Avenue where you were sliced and diced. I have photos of last night’s pinkish popcorn clouds on that Avenue towards the Amazon Locker one mile away from the SNF. Yeah, the humanz would say that I’m a good Daughter. Hmm.


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