Dear diary,

I’m still wondering if there is a difference between reptilianz joking and humanz ranting. OMG! The old fart is still pestering the nurse/assistant!

So I’m not sure about the number three and variations thereof per the ‘pending approvals’ comments.

The numbers within the context could mean anything.

If I could silence the noise – ranting resident, rattling O2 concentrator, talking nurses, blowing electric fan – I’m sure I’d be better in tune to hear the voice of God.

And with my hearing loss, I’m always guessing what is being said by talking humanz, and received by incoming thoughts.

Maybe and by design I’m supposed to try my hardest to filter out the noise and become inspired by whatever ‘feels good’. If that’s incorrect, then I’m sorry. I’m NOT understanding.

I read about violent imagery. And that’s probably watered down compared to the evil he has to endure while stuck on this hellish planet, NOT that he has to as he can easily OBE like putting on clothes and from afar be a silent observer.

Though at times, I could ‘sense’ a presence (while at a exhausted state of mind and body, of course).Speaking of which I have had only 3:13 hours of sleep per my CPAP therapy machine.

So while I should feel like crashing from lack of sleep, I’m NOT due to the heat, which has indicated from past historical archives that I must ‘step in’ and ‘intervene’ as a SACRIFICE. I don’t know what I just typed but that may mean something. Fine. So be it.

Oh! I must share my popcorn clouds photos. Soon.


Flynn B wondering what the recent comments is supposed to mean – because I’m NOT understanding.

One comment

  1. The violent imagery, I try to avoid looking at much of it, as that stuff can not be unseen. Alot of the vaccine awareness posts and videos that are posted, I tend to skip thru some of it, because of the imagery. It’s bad enough to read the often bad news, as it is. And then, totally skip the scary movie stuff. Never did like any of those.

    I, too, have sensed a presence with me before. But thankfully, nothing threatening that I can recall. I really know it for sure when looking at one of the cats and they are staring at some invisible something in the room. Both Breezy and Miracle. Still miss my fuzzball Miracle.

    A couple of years ago, give or take, I was lying on my back in the bed half awake / half asleep thinking about going to the bathroom. Suddenly I OBE’d quickly there and back, and was like WTF? Zip zap, out and then in real quick. Rob says the same happens to him too. Something that just suddenly happens out of the blue, But I have no idea how, just something that is random. The good thing is that stuff like that has never freaked me out, thankfully. I think we all do while we’re dreaming. Like flying about to wherever.


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