Dear diary,

While Mom passes out slowly from her PAIN in the neck KILLERS, and while the freaking rattling noisy O2 concentrator bot rumbles in the background and drowns out the noises of the adjacent or adjoining nurses station, I’m actually sitting down with edema. Alleluia.

Now I’m NOT an intelligent pickle as I scratch my BLACK head of grayish whitish hairs and wonder unto myself WTF are these humorous comments. I know NOT for there are codes and numbers and other stuff for me to lookie up unto the internet.

I see a resident ranting to a CNA or nurses sitting at the station. I think most of these elderly folks are insane and violent. Old whitish and silvery haired woman wheels herself into the nurses station after telling Abigail to go back to the Philippines. Oops. Wow. Unsupervised. Where’s the caregiver to the ones who don’t give a damn? Right outside Mom’s room. Crazy stuff.


Flynn B going back to the Philippines just like you whitish humanz want. Sigh.

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