Off-topic rant:

Well, I wonder if those million dollars, err, views, are ‘robo-clicks’, meaning I usually do a double-take or more because I wanted to check up on whatever I have already read – initially quickly and then the next rounds slowly. And don’t get any ideas!

Anyway, my thoughts are random and I do NOT wish to taint your messages. But I commented to John Jr’s eleven days ago about the probability that his weblog getting more traffic may have been due to ‘robo-followers’.

Below are snippets that I’d like to add-on if y’all don’t mind, please”

Dad sees everything” Yup. And your parents have strong instincts, too! But the ungrateful children refuse to listen. And thusly, I told you so – after they fall flat on their faces.

“we all have to answer” I know. I told my dad that I’d get karma for being such a potty mouth against my own parents and other unkind mumblings outta frustration – to this day! I can cuss up a storm like Sam Kinison – Wikipedia. Hilarious guy.

“She is also a sweet lady and is married to a good man.” Yeah, I received a rare phone call from MM and actually spoke with RC! His voice sounded very strong and I thanked him for his service. MM on the hand has a potty mouth like me. Hehe! I have their phone number logged into my Google contact account; so ‘they’ better NOT touch my stuff because y’all know.

“AMERICA 2000 AND BEYOND” Hey! You lost your copy?! I wanna copy and couldn’t find one to purchase online! Sheesh! I think that’s the only one I don’t have sitting on my collection pile of dust.

“I used pseudonyms to protect my family” I must remain anonymous because the REAL politicians know. They have no fear and are fighters, by the way. They have family as you have yours. So I gotta ‘protect’ them and you. For me, I don’t care because I’m fat and fugly.

“I saw a good many men die” That’s why the Bible mentioned: Thou shalt not kill. Because each soul deserves a hotspot on judgement day. Whoa. I’m just live streaming on my incoming thoughts. 20180713-235558.

“the juries with satanists and always a satanic WITCH of a judge” Oh, I just remembered to find outcome of Department 25. I want that defendant NOT GUILTY! In a separate, non-related story and judgement in our favor, I mentioned in my OLD blog that a judge flashed the similar hand signals as Mister POTUS. That was after I did my finger salutes. Sorry. I had to ‘test’ the waters. Holy crap! Do NOT doubt unto moi. The Courts are infiltrated. OMG! If y’all can view my memory cells, it’s real stuff – though open to your interpretations.

“I’m the last of the Apostles, so to say.” So be it. And that’s why I came on board. Curiosity? Intrigue (I couldn’t spell that damn word)! Nay, assignment! To seek truth. Yours. Now speak forth and freely and make way – for God is with you.

“started bleeding blood” Bah! I’ve bled from my nose an hour ago or so. Blowing out hard boogers, usually sign of bad allergies (from left deviated septum). Flushed out with saline and distilled water. Nose bleeds seems frequent this year and last or whatever. Old age, bad diet.

“box surveillance” Bahaha! So yesterday and today, I see more parked vehicles along my usual route and this was after posting stuff about my twelve hour babysitting gig. Believe it, honey pot pie! Can’t find a good job either. Probably blacklisted for knowing stuff. Or just sat on my butt for one decade wondering WTF happened. Motorcycle coppers cited carpool violators along my Interstate yesterday. One biker cop stopped, posed off emergency side of first lane, craning his neck backwards looking inside incoming vehicles to tag. Daily syncing.

“it was stolen from the house” Well, as I was walking back from the SNF DR (dropping off Mom’s tray as my form of walking exercise and taking away the work of paid staff members who do some shitloads), I overhead a thick whitish guy talking aloud from her wheelchair to his resident pal about new stuff like clothes being stolen and probably something alluding to Mexicans. It might be that shorter Mexican guy cleaning up the place. Creepy stares. Stared and hovered behind and around the bitchy midget Filipino with frosted silver hair.

“see someone react to your presence like your some celebrity” OMG. Seriously. Like a groupie type reaction or shape-shifting stuff? I’d like to clear away the path for you; so they won’t bother you.

“DAD CHOSE AS HE CHOSE THEM” God’s will be done on earth as it is in heaven. Amen. Sorry your feel like bitching and whining. Just let it all out. It’s your duty (and obligation) to serve humanity – a gift of truth for seekers of Christ like you and me.

(20180714-0023. I misunderstood which blog got that large hit. I thought it was your Patreon site that got the big one. So slow. So so slow.)


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  1. I’m pretty sure I have robo-clicks or rather robo-subscribers on my youtube channel. I get all these “subscribers” who are gamers and the like. The kind that I have NOTHING in common with. There is nothing on my channel that would interest those types.
    Yeah, we should to talk on the phone again. That was such fun! And yes, Rob does have a fantastic voice. His singing voice is like a voice on an angel. I do not have such talent, so yeah, I got stuck with the potty mouth instead. Hehe.
    I did not know about the Health Ranger and popular pals stealing my stuff. I pretty much thought I was a virtual unknown in their eyes. At any rate I hope and pray that people were helped by the posts whether from me or them. What matters is that any info presented saved lives. And if so, I can live with that. Regarding $$$, I never felt that I was robbed, but it would be nice to have some of that “chunk of change”, as you know full well I would be helping our favorite messenger. 😀 I thank our favorite messenger for his kinds words to Rob and I.
    I got a weird reaction from someone famous in a public church. When we lived in FL, I want to the Benny Hinn church and was right next to the stage where he was going on with this thing, and when we looked at me, he turned away quickly, and I was like, “what was that all about?” I know I’m not drop dead gorgeous, but certainly not hideous. Haha. And another time my hubby and I were in a place in line to order a takeout and a cute little girl was standing beside us just staring at me intently. Not in a bad way, but just looking at me. I smiled at her and went on my way.
    I am very upset over the glass in the supplement incident. Like you, I am also very protective over him and family. So my incessant praying (without ceasing as per 1 Thessalonians 5:17), I pray that Our Father will get whoever is responsible for that and GET THEM GOOD! Let the judgement hammer come down hard upon all who would harm him, family or cats.


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