Dear diary,

When I started blogging, I imitated others – probably typical of us ‘Asians’ trying to mimic the whitish humanz in every endeavor while trying to avoid the other ‘races’.

I may have ‘stolen’ and ‘borrowed’ stuff from online. Words, such as churchianity, derp, buggles are new words unto moi. Taken outta context, the words themselves loose meaning. I’m lost for the most part.

I also took a nice ‘ride’ on many thoughts and ideas. None of those were my own. Some were Mom’s. I’m NOT a ghost writer. I’m NOT anyone worth mentioning. I’m just being there – observing, wondering.

Program me to be nice, then reflection of niceness returns unto thee. Keep shooting arrows unto moi and sinners get what they deserve – aches and pains and other labors of this hellish planets.

It’s just the way it is. But a former manager (a native Navajo) told me that: It doesn’t always have to be that way. Taken. I always thought everything is ‘set in stone’. I guess wrong.

Anyway, I’ve missed lots of incoming thoughts that I thought were worth mentioning on my blog. But because Mom keeps interrupting, that’s a good sign that I’m NOT supposed to stay in front of the computer.

There are more important things, nay, people in life to give care and other stuff to maintain – relationships. That’s important – not what I wrote in my blog or what I can or cannot do – but really what I outta do for myself, not selfishly, but more so as an extension of what I’d like my world to be.

Yes, fresh air, clean water. Read about chemtrails. Loved the fluffy puffy clouds of white against crispy clear blue skies. Let’s keep it that way and save the whales, too.


Flynn B taking too much time in front of this computer when she should be getting some sleep. I’ve been waking up early and that seems automatic as I get older.


3 thoughts on “20180714-0026-Stuff

  1. the whole point of what you and i and others give, is so that others, receive. so receive and regurgitate all you like. as should be. only direct material lifted should be sourced. you see that on a great many of my posts. my blather with some background from other site. you’ll see
    SOURCE ZEROHEDGE or whatever

    doesn’t mean the whole dang article came from them, but if more than a sentence is used, I give credit. so that others can go there and decide if anything that site has to offer, is of any use to their life path.

    and so on

    Lastly, you’ve never ripped me off, ever. it’s not your style. what i was talking about is others, who as being unable to create, steal from true creators. satanists have that problem. an in ability to be true creatives, which is why they depend upon demonic influence and control to help what otherwise, would be childish garbage.

    hope the above makes sense.

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  2. 20180714-1433. OMG! Notice the double-digit numerical value. I kid y’all NOT! Crapping while re-reading ‘pending approvals’ of comments, usually only three bloggers.
    “Childish garbage” Correct. And I was wondering why their artworks are NOT consider masterpiece. Childish – not refined. Garbage – not beautiful.


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