If you err, make a big mistake in your life and are worried, remember and know the following https://ourspiritualworld.blogspot.com/2018/07/if-you-err-make-big-mistake-in-your.html

Sorry for the delayed thought. After the one o’clock lunch and noticeably so at work many slong years ago, I would pass out. So Dad and I were passed out in the uncomfortable warm and stuffy room of Mom after a sandwich meal. Then I busied myself with solving an online puzzle.

Anyway, last night I was dwelling upon my appearance before the Lawd Gawd at judgement; and for shame on me, I have sinned against insects, spiders, bugs, and done a bad deed or more.

And so with relief, I think his Dad is cool because:

“he delighteth in mercy”

And so what bugs (bothers) me are the stubborn old fools who believe in bothering the demons who in my thoughts are giving the misguided humanz only a VERY minute tidbit of power-tripped up ‘buzz’ for ‘show’ and entertainment.

After all, the light bearers are supposed to SERVE as reminders or guide posts (per an incoming thought) to the lost souls who think that colors and other “childish garbage” will trigger an event or so.

It’s true. We are but eggs, infants, children. And those who seek out Christ can be redeemed. Just be sincere and do NOT sin again. Hey! That’s somewhere in the Bible.


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