Obuttfag Without His Teleprompter! You ALL Must Watch This!!!

Dear diary,

When will all this madness end?

Anyway, I’m just saying that Obama, Hillary, and whoever else are simply bad actors and cannot go to jail? Why, Flynn? Are you frucking insane? You liberal, progressive, traitor! And we thought you’re one of us notoriously conservatives.

Now, now, my minions! Fear not! Everything is going according to plan. The other day I heard over the radio air waves someone mention that Hillary did serve to do something – like handing the plate of heads – those that go against the will of God.

Yeah, so, while Pete looked like he’s demoniac, there’s something advanced as far as the teleprompter helmet. WTF, are you talking about Flynn? Are you gaslighting and ruining the weblog sites of your ‘friends’, whom you’ve never met in person? Stupid, idiot!

Now, now, fools! Listen up. I don’t know what is going on. But there’s lots of interesting stuff. For instance, I can recall several times that my suggestions via this weblog site have been fulfilled to some extent in the political arena.

Flynn! Stop it! You’re scaring us! Please go away and delete your weblog, right now, this instance, not a second too soon!

To further prove my point, Obama said: “This is what you have to say.” Hillary said: ‘Sigh’. And Trump changed his HUGE signboards to read: PROMISES MADE. These are the few of my favorite thingy that have manifested.

Now! Am I to condemn these bad actors? No! That’s a matter of spiritual intervention. When I interconnect to these alleged thugs, I cannot ‘feel’ the hatred or anger or infuriation. Thusly so, maybe I should also ‘go away’ and never come back. I guess forgiveness and mercy is always available ON-DEMAND.

I see, Flynn. You love to confuse your readers, don’t you? Huh? Answer me! You don’t seem to care if your followers wanna learn stuff and appease your Evil Kitty, heh? I guess NOT!

Welp, y’all still do NOT believe your messengers! WTF should y’all care to believe me – this fat and fugly web blogger! Huh? Y’all are excused! Until y’all can find me good reason NOT to think about your status, I’ll just keep twiddling my thumbs and wonder if I could hit the ‘restore’ button and return everything to the past.


Flynn B seriously praying for all of y’all to realize the errors of your ways.

1 thought on “20180715-2059-Stuff

  1. 20180715-212121 (per my laptop computer’s time clock – I kid y’all NOT!)

    Welp, after going through my emails, I saw one received today at 1648 PM. The following link is NOT a mere co-incidence that may help to communicate to y’all what may be going on with this hellish planet and with my incoming thoughts:


    I’ve NOT watched the movie and probably will never have the time or care in the world. But I must force myself to view this show at least once and absorb and reflect on this new dataset. And I will provide y’all my feedback, speaking of which I much unload some crap. See? Yet another synchronous event. Yup.

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