Dear diary,

I helped Mom with lunch and vacuumed the rest really fast! After all, I’m being held hostage to give care to a whining bitch. Alas, love is (supposed to be) priceless.

So currently Mom is speaking with Savannah, the OT, who wanted to get Mom to do stuff daily, but NOT today after her teeth chatting and general aches and PAINS in the neck!

So things happen. But that’s the way of this hellish planet. It was 58 degrees F earlier this morning and slightly warm and stuffy in Mom’s room. But with my new mini portable air conditioner, I’m keeping cool, a reverse karmic effect to the Mom. Savannah reminded me about the ice maker out front! Now I have my real cooling effects.

So when I’m comfortable, she’s not and vice versa, meaning when she is feeling better, she will bug the crap outta me, since I’ve nowhere to go and happen to live with my two elderly parents.

Ah, yes. Living the life of karmic debt unto those hands who feed moi. No one said it’s gonna be this challenging but with strength and fortitude, I’ll overcome these dumb things in life.

I hate it. I hate y’all. Keep on pumping Mom with your pharmaceutical stuff.


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