Dear diary,

Well, Mom has been admitted to the hospital for the freaking sixth time in this freaking year of 2018.

She said that she felt discomfort on her left chest three times whenever. She said she would slap me next time. I was trying to pry her wet sheets from her blubbering rear end.

So I’ve had to backup my stuff and do a complete restore and erase data to my smartphone. Why are you cursed, Flynn?

Not really cursed, my minions, but blessed knowing every freaking thing will work out for the best.

Are you sleepy yet, Flynn? Nope! Like our great leader – Mister POTUS Trump, I could probably get by with only four hours of sleep per 24 hours humanized cycle.

That’s crazy, Flynn! Normally humanz may require at least eight hours in 24 hours. That accounts for 1/3 of downtime, 2/3 of uptime.

While that may be true my minions, crazy humanz can do stupid things and that’s staying up late.

Hopefully, they can find Mom a room so I can head on home and crash until tomorrow morning.

I’ll find out if she’s staying one day or whatever or if I need to gather her stuff at the SNF.

I don’t care anymore. She has excellent health care insurance. I wonder why she can just get outside help instead of using me.


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