“It’s one thing to highlight unusual phenomena” – Yup. That’s what I like weird stuff which can be super and natural, NOT unnatural stuff like these LGBTQ creatures. OMG! That barista guy with long reddish hair tied back in a pony tail and rail thin body is still serving my ordered coffee. Yesterday morning he wore his bright-colored eye shadow of blue. Oh, dear Lawd Gawd!

“one of the half-dozen cans of beer I drink per year” – I never did like the taste of beer. I only tried due to peer pressure and approval. The other night I recalled what I had really preferred many slong years ago – screwdrivers! That’s correct! The drink of hard wine drinkers – whiskey. The stuff that doesn’t seem to burn my throat, really.

“the kid is really ugly” – Yup. I guess my observational skills are wired incorrectly because I no longer have the correct English words to describe abornomalities due to my liberal, progressive bombardments of (what are those word?) tolerance and diversity.

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  1. 20180717-0352-addendum thought. I forgot to add that a hybridized human (or reptilian-like humanoid) was helping to process Mom as a new patient. She had deformaties similar to that of John Merrick – large cranium, lowered right eyeball, spinal curvature, lumps and bumps on her forearms. The one noticeable distinction was the way she rolled her letter ‘r’, like pronouncing the word ‘harsh’ with a longer diphthong. Whatever. Never mind. The word Inca appeared in my small mind as I absorbed her sufferings in humanized form. Quezecoatzls. Meaning we can’t really be all that prejudice or discriminatory. These creatures do exist, like chimeras.


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