For doing whatever, like nothing, I recall getting an A- grade in a physics class of my senior year. “Mr. J” taught this class. He had a cheesy smile and was a bearded red-head. His mom invented the ‘Scotch Tape’ by the way. This was the time around the Space Shuttle. He held a piece of the whitish tile from the Space Shuttle and held it up to a blow torch.

I also recalled a class assignment in which each student was to go up in front of the class and teach a topic. I barely recall something about the equal and opposite reaction to gravity.

Something like an object hitting an object and bouncing back with equal and opposite reaction, but not to gravity, more like momentum. Whatever.

I just clicked the “like” or “thumbs up” from 32 to 33. There are two “dislike” or “thumbs down” so from 322 (Skull and Bones) to 332, y’all get yet another communication from “them”.  Once again, this is NO co-incidence. 20180721-0015.

1 thought on “20180721-0007-Stuff

  1. 20180721-0020. Also in my thought yesterday or so, I was thinking how in the world can we remain glued on this hellish planet? I was thinking that maybe we’re upside-down for some odd reason as we were taught that images enter our lenses; hit the back of our eyeball – flipped upside down; and reinterpreted by our brains right side up. Never mind.


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