Resounding words: Humble thy selves unto the Lord. (It can be irritating to hear the bemoanings of senior citizens at this facility. Humble yourselves!)

Extra unnecessary stuff: Trying to wind down after using box cutter to cut up cardboards and boxes and more cleaning up. Should be headed off to ‘hard work’ early in the morning if brain isn’t asleep 99%.

(By the way, while driving for some slong years, I could see nice brownish leftover chemtrails, not directly,  but slightly off my field of ‘vision’. I would take a few glances directly but nothing appears. Weird.

Also en route back to the SNF, I saw three vertical smokey things, creatures, entities, whatever – travel, march slowly from right to left. They were coming from a brush fire off the Interstate Scenic Route. The fire was nice and orangey as the straw-colored grass burned. The licks were going into the rightmost lane. It must have been really dry yesterday.)


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