On or about 1530 this afternoon and while the three of us were passed out after eating lunch, Mom awoke and started weeping.

She saw angels in the bathroom. The same place where she did a slow motion fall forward – ever so slightly hitting her top right skull against the rounded safety hand rails – and on her watch.

They said to her that everything is gonna be fine.

Then she got pissed at us and refused to recount the details of her dream vision.

Dad and I wouldn’t stop asking questions. Her speech was slurred a bit as she came outta her power nap.

She has been having power naps since 7/5/18, the first day here at the SNF.

After her weeping about stuff, we helped her transfer from the bed to a plastic folding chair, so she can see the squirrels and birds. I saw two morning pigeon doves, a couple.

Then I offered to curl her hair in pink plastic rollers and use to hair dryer with my white extension cord meant for the Apple computer devices.

Then I helped feed her dinner of turkey sandwich with cream and Dad and I vacuumed the rest.

Then she got her IV antibiotics. She’s resting comfortably again. Dad helps tremendously. Alone, I’m already injuring myself with the heavy women. Numbness in both hands and wrists. Sheesh.

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