So I was clicking and reading comments by his ‘friends’.

Once again, bon voyage! Please send my regards to God. Heaven is a much happier and blessed place than his hellish planet. No offense, God, please!

Anyway, first I had a subtle thought about DC and her.

Second, I had another subtle thought about:

“those which would harm your travels”

My thoughts from many years ago had something to do with his plane crash. Sheesh.

Third, I had another subtle thought regarding fund raising, which manifested.

Fourth, I had creepy feeling regarding:

“I’m at a loss but will boost[…]”

After what I read in one of many ‘pending approval’ comments, I wonder if someone decided to ‘pull the plug’. This is in regards to item number three. Yup.

2 thoughts on “20180723-2012-Stuff

  1. This happened on Saturday, the day before my bday. I was at my computer watching and listening to youtube videos, and I was feeling really sad and low energy like I’m not feeling rested enough.

    And while I was thinking about my energy being low (adrenal issues probably), I heard this sudden buzz pop and my subwoofer blew out. And was wondering WTF happened there?! Like a “disturbance in the force” sort of thing. And then our favorite surfer’s post about it, which is how we found out about it first. Sad news on my bday. Meh!

    I’m waiting to hear back from some of them, so we can send a card to them. And maybe send a few bucks to help Carol and the family. In 2005 Rob and I went to their home in Moscow, after Don emailed me and asked us to come. I met Lilly and Constantin, Dooney and Stevo, Sensei Dennis, Kelly and some other folks. I’ve met Ryan McGinty, but at another time. The Crofts came to our home back in our first year here. We had a nice dinner and Ingri and her husband at that time, when Don Harkins was preparing to write about the orgone and the network. Later on, we went to the southern part of he state and met with Jerry Morten (Ben’s father) and got more info for the article then. We had a VacLib thing to do, so we got both accomplished in he same trip. This article: http://proliberty.com/observer/20030310.htm


  2. 20180723-2059. A few new words (a rhyme which is mine) by DC via the EW website from many slong years ago: churchianity (originally, I guess), nefarious, and sycophant. Yeah, so I’ve incorporated his stuff into my OLD, now deleted blogs from many slong years ago here.

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