What Men Want: “Debt-Free Virgins Without Tattoos”



I disagree with the part about falling in love the “first and only” about the link. Bah!

First, I don’t mind tattoos. Lots of Tongan folks wear tattoos are part of their cultural identity. I wanted a tattoo. My cousin doesn’t like tattoos. So whatever. As always, the percentage or statistics of probability has been conservatively 50-50 or resulting in fifty percent of the time. Do or don’t.

Second, I and many are NOT debt-free. I am forever in debt with my parents. See? It’s a good deal for me. Mortgage payments is one big ding. Schooling is for the wealthy. The Bible says somewhere about don’t pay someone else’s debt.

Third, I don’t understand what the big deal with virgins when they eventually become harpies and tainted with the reality of marriage life’s like everyone. I’ve seen old timers bicker. I don’t like that. It’s annoying. But humanz seem to call such bickerings as ‘life’.

Oh, come on! I’ve heard some good stuff come outta second and whatever marriages.

My uncle had nowhere to go and ended up with a religious woman who ‘converted’ him to behave – no smoking, though still has the impulse to drink and gamble.

She thinks he is her ‘soul mate’. Yeah, right – she was abused by her first husband who did drugs. So she and others may have PTSD that may have affected their decisions in ‘life’.

I don’t believe in ‘common law’ marriages as that just forces the lovely, err, loving couple into an unrealistic registration stuff to the state.

I believe in a committed long-term relationship, NOT an open, sexual one that pollutes the couple’s energy signatures but one that fosters a healthy, happy no nonsense kind.

Never mind. I writing crap. The Bible says that Jesus kinda sorta didn’t answer an inquiry about marriage. Brouhaha.

3 thoughts on “What Men Want: “Debt-Free Virgins Without Tattoos”

  1. There is a covenant marriage that is done by a pastor, that is recorded in the Family Bible for the new couple. It is a LAWFUL marriage, recognized by God, but no registration with the state. Just like there are birth affidavits for children, with no registering with the state. That is the ideal. If everyone did it like that, there would be no CPS BS taking children away simply for refusing vaccines.

    Anti-Corruption Society website from A.L. Whitney goes into depth about the CONtracts with CORPORATIONS aka our so-called government. https://anticorruptionsociety.com/

    I have NO tattoos, but I do have scars, I’d like to laser off.

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      1. That’s going to take a huge chunk of change to have that done. I would have to do like one area at a time. Like do this leg this time the other leg later an arm next time, and so on. When my daughter and everyone is sorted, then I will start saving to have all this done. I just got my 1 mhz ultrasound machine thing today, which is used for rebuilding bones and the teeth. So I’m getting the smaller stuff and smaller things done, little by little.


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