Welp, I finished watching this long YouTube video, which I might have already watched but forgot. Lots of interesting stuff. Too sleepy to share OPINIONS.

Extra unnecessary stuff below before I forgot and from my old nagging thoughts:

2+2=4, where four is what we were taught in schoolings
2+2=5, where five is the unit of 2+2 (use your pen to circle the unit to get one up)
2+2=6, where six is the unit of 2+2=6 (use your pen to circle this new unit to get the one up)
2+2=7, where seven is the unit of infinity (that’s what I received)

Don’t ask me why or why not when I was traveling homebound with Dad and at around 2000, the mini SUV police vehicle was weaving on the 280 Interchange. We were traveling on the Carpool lane. There was a whitish bulky SUV stuck on the leftmost emergency lane. And upon OUR arrival, the whitish bulky SUV drove to the farthest right emergency lane and turned on its hazard flashing lights. And the mini SUV police vehicle turned off his right white blue lightings and turned on its yellow lights running from right to left as it slowed down to pull and park behind this whitish bulky SUV. I kid y’all NOT!

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