Wow! New stuff! But who cares? I don’t. And there are lots of stuff that you were well-versed in the spiritual, religious realms.

I’m NOT sure about Carmen and her singing or Karman or any red line. I did take three years of high school French classes and only remember: Boon Joor, Como Tale Vu, Ca Va, Germ Apple and Oh Revoir.

Yes. I’ve lived, learned, loved (mostly during college) and missed them all. But I stopped since 2003 and haven’t figured out why I couldn’t move forward.

Anyway, there are lots of stuff that does NOT jive unto moi. Last night after the weird highway patrol SUV stint on Interstate 280 and at around 2015 pm or so, I was trying to listen to 1260 am radio and Sara(h) had gotten off the phone with a host, who had explained stuff that was so freaking intellectual – clear and concise. It’s a religious radio station – Catholic, I think. And their stuff was in summary – all about opinions. I really need to get the (damn what is that word – I’ve gotten foggy brained again) Podcast or audio recording of his thorough explanation.

That’s what I like about intellectual folks who know what they are talking about on the airwaves. I guess like you – the Son. Like Mom who picks up good words and meaning via her earholes, meaning audio stuff, I’m learning to listen well (through my tone deafness) and trying to appreciate (mostly) and understand (with lots of failure) their wise words.

Um. Yeah. So I’m guessing that the firmament may be – I’m usually good about guessing ages – so I’ll use my ‘spiritual measuring tool’, which is mental sliding scale – visible to my mind’s ‘feeling’ eyes – and six was a strong number.

Then I Googled: “what 690 km in miles”? I got: “428.746” as the returned results.

Then at 2154 pm, I Googled: “how far is four hundred miles”? (I just typed the rounded number of 428.746 downward to the nearest whatever.)

Whamo! Y’all have your answer! It’s based on the guitar song that Mrs. Gustufson used to teach in our high school guitar class: “Five Hundred Miles by The Brothers Four”!

The firmament is on or about five hundred miles ‘that way’. Yup. I didn’t get an incoming thought of the word “up”, by the way.

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