Dear diary,

Mom is barely refusing to eat food, to drink water, to follow instructions, and to take her medications.

Welp, her journey in life may be coming to an end. Her eyes for the most part has been closed since being admitted to this SNF.

She’s running a fever (again). And as it wert, they can only do so much to the patient. The nurse texted the on-site doctor.

She looks peaceful enough and seems to be resting comfortably. I’ll need a Q-tip to take out the itch. My eyes are starting to water.

There. I’ve wiped my eyeballs of crocodile tears. I made Dad sit near her. WTF is wrong with these MIGTOWs.


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  1. 20180726-1040. In response to your ‘pending approvals’ comment, I just aroused and asked her: She said, “Yeah. Let mommy go.” Of course, this response was made through her low temperature fever.


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