To Das Squirrel,

If you are reading this, which I highly doubt, please read the above-referenced weblog link for your educational purposes.

Once again, in our recent text messages regarding Nibiru, Niberu, whatever, please stop it!

Your alleged ‘friends’ are trolling you, especially the tall bearded one. Are y’all that gullible?

See with your eyes, fools!

If you cannot record with your video and audio, you have nothing. If you cannot have two or more eye witnesses corroborating your testimony, you have nothing.

If you believe in God and Jesus Christ, you have everything. You have nothing to fear. You have nothing to loose but your sense of humor.

This messenger has spoken truth. So y’all will do well and try telling the truth. That is your new assignment.

I’d like to observe how y’all wiggle and jiggle and worm yourselves outta the numerous scams, frauds and whatnots against humanz, who are easily fooled.

Take it to heart! I know you are trying to belong and be loved in your narcissistic world. But you need to enjoy whatever makes sense to you.

Good luck, chump! I hope you stop externalizing every faults, failures, obstacles, struggles, challenges on non-existent stuff, like Nibiru, Niberu, whatever.

The spelling may change. The presentation may change. But if you use your power of discernment, avoid the noise. It’s not worth your worries or energy.


Flynn B laughing out loud that humanz still can’t figure out if a ball or bowl can contain liquid, such as water or bodies of water, especially the oceans. Sheesh.

P.S. I love these blogs – it’s not mainstream and gently tickles the mind’s programming, just enough to avoid the explosion of one’s reality.

3 thoughts on “20180727-1237-Stuff

    1. Uh, yeah, it’s really for an ‘old soul’. I hope he’s not being duped by ‘them’. You’re REALLY good, though with your articles, which is why I link back to your weblog(s). I hope you don’t mind my addendum rantings.


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