Dear diary,

Per a ‘pending approvals’ comment from a court jester, there are stuff meant to be private and as a result I had to place some recent blogs from this morning into private mode.

I really would like every nonsensical post that I ever wrote and every comment yet to be approved published. But I realized that no one cares. No one wants to read about my truths.

My blogs is to portray the messed up reality of humanz who are stuck on this hellish planet and to show the infallible nature of humanz at their most vulnerable and helpless state.

Yea, to be young and beautiful is promoted as good; while to be old and cantankerous is good as dead. I find that ironic among those who are nice. You know Christians who act nice for their Lawd Gawd and then operate their lives in the opposite direction.

I’m sure there are lots of other more successful bloggers that don’t resort to offensive, controversial, or weird contents.

But that’s just NOT me. I’m writing whatever I seem to understand to the best of my Ingrisssh. Hiss.


FLYNN B full of hospital food on this fine Saturday afternoon. Dad has been using the public toilet, probably half an hour now!

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