The donation that never was… https://ourspiritualworld.blogspot.com/2018/07/the-donation-that-never-was.html

Do y’all wanna know why only a very few are ALLOWED TO HELP?

It’s because God is a jealous God and expects exclusive rights and whatnot to boot.

(Sorry, that was an old nagging thought that had to be shared.)

And as such, God is very protective and wants to protect his brood against blackmailing for whatever unknown reasons.

(Sorry, that’s just a word that came into my small mind.)

I pray that these new souls are ALLOWED TO HELP. Because that just makes it easier to bear the cross, just as Simon once did for Jesus Christ en route to Skull Hill.

(Per Biblical passage, I hope this recollection is correct, since I’m NOT well-versed in these ancient blogs, err, spiritual manuscripts.)

Just do be careful and honest with your intentions, folks. Just as my rants can hurt your feelings, when y’all help, do so with a happy heart and sincere smile, please.

There are, shall I say, scribes recording EVERYTHING – thoughts, words, deeds, and yeah – I’ll be too ashamed if I get to read my ‘Book of Life’ while stuck on this hellish planet.

Domo arigato gozaimasu. (Don’t ask me why I typed in Japanese. Stuff just flows from my blogging thumbs. Alrighty? Good!)

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