Ack! Nein! Nein! Das Ball ist mein! (A rhyme which is mine and copyrighted!)

Anyway, I’m winding down for the night and came across this YouTube video via my subscription. I guess I might have missed out on a lotta news stuff while giving care to an elderly folk or two, and this is one of those CODES!

Yup. So the BALL is passed from Vlad to Trump to Mel and probably to the Lord, err Barron. The shape of the reddish sections looks funny. I do NOT understand what is the big deal with transmitter.

Oh, yeah and Helsinki 2018 has a shortened spelling for ‘Hell’ or this Hellish Planet, which is supposed to be a HUGE foot bowl and NOT a BALL, like their soccer ball! If y’all do NOT understand my incoming thoughts – y’all are excused.

Brouhaha! Go away. I don’t care. Sigh.


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