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Sigh. (Awoke to pee, by the way. Seems like my toilet sessions as good time for reading feeds. Guessing rants filled potty stuff got knocked off its high pedestal. Maybe blogging normal stuff might gain higher stats.)

3 thoughts on “20180730-0141-Stuff

  1. 20180730-0150. Addendum thought. Like you once said, no one cares once you get close to the truth. Stuff gets shut down, buried alive, and left as breadcrumbs victuals for only the most daring of souls to gather.


  2. 20180730-0211. Addendum thoughts. Gotta be ‘robo-followers’. Can’t be any other way to account for high stats views. Deleted my old blogs because numbers didn’t ‘feel correct’. Started anew with this domain and blog and my hunch was correct. Less views, less followers.

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    1. I’m still getting those robo and random Youtube followers. And it’s around two of them per day. Gamers, teens and stuff that I am NOT interested in. Two yesterday, and one today while we were gone out of town.


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