While trying to wind down for the night, lo and behold, I’ve gotten some Recommended stuff on my list of YouTube videos. I didn’t know DW was doing stand-up comic, err, selling books, err, speaking about outmoded stuff.

Either DW has borrowed or stolen my stuff or I spiritually interconnected with their stuff of a single consciousness that is being ‘bored or lonely’. DW also used the word ‘soup’, which appeared in my OLD, now deleted weblog. He mentioned sand, each grain representing something, like a universe or a soul being, whatever that is of vastness.

I didn’t like the colorful rainbow stuff or the angular geometric stuff or the infinitesimal numerical stuff or the unpronounceable wordy stuff. Those are made up by a ‘virtual reality’, the concept that one of Mom’s nurse by the name of Kevin had expressed: a spiritual battle between good and evil. The corner of Kevin’s eyeballs are slightly turned upward, by the way. Alien.

Yeah so I guess DW and others are poster boys for the New Aged Disorders. Their bowel movements got nothing better to do than to confuse, deceived, and convince humanz with unnecessary stuff like aliens, UFOs, and demoniac. I didn’t hear how they mentioned God but I guess a singularity is close enough.

This stuff is fascinating yet a distraction away from certain truths. I guess that’s why all stuff may be alive and yet is preserved – no matter how naughty (like Respondent still living directly adjacent or adjoining to us) or nice (like Princess Peaches from Super Mario whatever games.)

I’m bored and have gotten used to being lonely and alone, much like the Fallen One who has disobeyed God. The bad guy has WAY too much time while being stuck in one hellish space and while trying to ‘get out’ of his eternal punishment with his various forms of art and entertainment. That’s my old nagging thought. There is NO escape.

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