Okay, after getting off the phone with Mom’s PCP, who is known to be an early bird in patient visits and well-known by his daddy, I was almost finished reading VC’s article.

Half-way through the article, my incoming thought indicated the following descriptive word(s): child-like. In the Biblical reference, there’s may be something about being with ‘child-like’ wonder or something to that effect.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that these adults are being stupid. That’s why each generation is screwed up. Because the adults screw up the children with their ‘childish garage’ (the description is ‘borrowed’  from a daily blogger, who is a messenger of all sorts.)

Anyway, the portrayal that God is a female archetype is utter rubbish. Until y’all can readily observe this dataset with our normal audio and video recording devices and with two or more reliable eyeball witnesses, I’ll have to go with Our Father who art in heaven.

If God created a male-like human ADAM and from his ribs, which are CURVED like his counterpart – a female-like human EVE, then males came first and then women. Therefore, women are NOT on top or the first. That’s as simple as my bad Ingrisssh can communicate my incoming thoughts.


Flynn B sitting too long on this freaking office chair and in front of this small laptop computer! Thusly, I’ve gotten edema due to being overweight and OLD!

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