Das Squirrel said recently that the Vietnamese are the worse. I don’t know what he meant by that. I’m guessing they are the worse in the general region of SEA humanz.

For those who had the chance to read my OLD, now deleted blogs, I mentioned how the church folks complained about their behavior. They pray loudly. They let candle wax drip all over the carpet and we charged by the rectory office for clean-up because they won’t clean up their mess. They take rolls of toilet paper, too.

Yeah, so I did mentioned how one co-worker cut her TOE nails at work. One co-worker shape-shifted into another person while both us walked around the PayPal block and she asked: Why won’t you date me? Another classmate talked freely of her sexual exploits.

I also sent an email to the clinical case manager. I don’t think she ever received it. I mentioned the RN by name in the email. I complained about why Mom had to insist on getting an oxygen concentrator. The protocol of that particular SNF would only apply oxygen if the patient’s O2 saturation went below a reading of 90. The nurse was nasty.

Yeah, so um, that’s all I have to say. I have yet to observe if they will redeem themselves.

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