Dear diary,

“I still don’t know how all this thing works out.”

Neither do I. Count your whatever blessings come your way.

If y’all have been reading my horrible, terrible rants recently, I figured the Matrix and its effects (both artificial intelligence and spiritual intervention) can and have been able to manifest stuff on this of infinitesimal (or as y’all would imagine layers upon layers like an onion skin) realms and dimensions. In other words, someone is able to process an incoming thought and make it happen.

Or simply it’s a matter of payback – trying to find a hard core balance after being so freaking generous to one THICK group – a powerhouse (as I overheard three HUGE humanz discussing during lunchtime at the hospital). They still owe me an hexplanation! But I’ll probably won’t ever know.

Or basically it’s from working hard like anyone else and being there for others in times of need. You see, I’ve been getting by with the help of my parents. And though I would rather fly away and be happy doing my own stuff; and though Mom has been a ‘frequent flyer’ at her preferred hospital; and through their generosity at its associted ‘foundation’, that’s how I’m able to make stuff work.

Or honestly it’s just acting without thinking; without malice; without the concept of payback, backlash, or blackmail. The inner workings involve truly loving every moment of hardship – through thick and thin, through sickness and health. The efforts werw done because I didn’t like the feeling of being in someone else’s shoes. That person could be me one day. I need to be there and without guile, if that is the word you used with you flying friend.

Alas, I have no real answer. I have only one answer – God. If you need help, you need to shoot me dead so I can be in your arms, err, or send me a friendly reminder that your bowls are empty, or do whatever your boss wishes, like pray really hard for answers to whatever has been bothering you.

Also you should NOT have to feel severely depressed. I will NOT have a coo coo head on my watch! You deserve better.


Flynn B finishing up stuff, such as balancing books, renaming and uploading files, blogging and for most of my life – keeping to myself, answering and cleaning emails, and wondering WTF is gonna happen next.

1 thought on “20180803-1005-Stuff

  1. 20180803-1432. While walking off lunch around the park and under the heat of the sun, the Patreon stuff can be funded by the PayPal stuff, which is the only way since I do NOT have banking account, thanks in part to TPTB and pals who have ruined my life. Weird stuff, but true.


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