Bitcoins? Ducats, shillings, pennies. It’s all the same. Someone can tweak the numbers through regulations, like pulling the level on a gambling machine. I do NOT trust online stuff too much.

20180804-1053. For example, Google Maps lady would continue to navigate me FAR AWAY from frequented roads. Instead of directing me left towards home, she would haul me to the right! There are two street intersections where she would goof.

That’s why I do NOT like too much ‘artificial intelligence’ – it sticks to its outmoded software programming and refuses to LEARN and adapt, like Muslims and other brainwashed robot humanz, who should be wiser but mostly failures.

Why can’t y’all find a good market exchange system of CREDITS whereby public servants are NOT bankrupting their governmental agencies? Why can’t y’all stop being so (((crooked))) like Enron and HRC? (My old nagging thought resurfaced from my archived news article clipped and saved somewhere in clouds.)

Yeah, while there may be various ‘work arounds’ to make a good deal, how can y’all sleep knowing your wind fall gains were ill-gotten? Y’all still owe me an hexplanation. My recent thoughts are that y’all are mostly good, just greedy like me.

Alas, we consumers cannot get enough of our ‘sippy cups’ full of FREE air (whipped cream) and FREE water (crushed ice) – sweetened for our repeated addicted returns and eventual doom and gloom towards fatness.

Your products and services, though expensive, pleases us humanz. Sorry. But I must continue to consume, err, to go shopping and purchase stuff online. It’s the way to go. I love it!

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