Okay, all I have to say is that please do NOT follow untoi moi. I’ve noticed in this – my personal Matrix – that stuff seems to get ‘reversed’ and that may lead to confusion and a path in the opposite direction with detrimental effects.

Be warned – view discretion is advised. My bad Ingrisssh is horrible, terrible. And while y’all may NOT always understand my blogging, which is fair enough, to please try and seek your own stuff.

Anyway, I’ll continue to share all my personal stuff. After all there are well over seven freaking billing humanz that pollute. What I found disturbing is that the ‘old soul’ was nonchalant about pollution and he said that earth can resurrect or something to that effect.

And if y’all have the time while stuck on this hellish planet to care about my stuff, I commend your presence.

Below are the six stuff that I’ve revealed in this weblog a humanized hairy female:

1. Goals of Life – check. I have none. Graduated college – check; didn’t use ONE degree. Get married with children – nope. Fund a retirement – nope. Homeless – check. Pissed – check.

2. Personal Life – check. I know Shrimpsei read my weblog about that hamster. I’ve also shared my toilet sessions. If he forgot, that’s good as New Aged books used as a door stop!

3. Family Problems – check. I noticed that when I shared my family problems, there were others who felt the need to write pages about ‘Family’. It’s NOT gossip. But a necessary detail called ‘life’.

4. Good Deeds – check. Of course, I’ll try to avoid bragging unlike a church lady with droopy eyelids who constantly puts her swollen ego up to my face. I’ve shared my bad deeds to even out the curly frosting of God’s cake, too.

5. Material Belongings – check. If one can afford and shared temporary stuff online, that’s nice to know someone is happy temporarily. I’ve posted a recent photo of Extras and no one seemed to care.

6. Finances – check. This is a reality everyone has to face. From CPS to divorces, finances is a major downer. Y’all still owe me an hexplanation! I’m never gonna forget! Jerks.

Once again and thus far, all my personal stuff that I’ve shared online via my weblog is my own personal truth. I don’t have the time to post my fugly face or other photos. And I certainly don’t care to comment too much about other articles. But what else is there to talk about? The sun, the rain, the moon, the stars, the mountains, the world?

Fin thoughts,

Flynn B still wide awake!

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