Dear diary,

The guy is REALLY good. I REALLY should compile stuff that makes him REALLY good. I do NOT believe I’ve seen this photo in the past because as a fan-based girl – I would know stuff. So they appear happy together.

Anyway, last night I was on a cleaning rampage and this was probably due to stress of hanging out with Mom during her hospitalization ordeal. Her appetite and food intake increase. But the foodstuff is finely chopped for ease of swallowing due to NO back teeth molars for chewing, crushing, and grinding.

Anyway, I ‘raided’ the refrigerator and pantry and discarded expired foodstuff, some date, y’all guessed it – 2016, which appears in this web blogger’s post title. I’m amazed how much he would care to care (a rhyme which is mine) about my stuff. Sheesh.

So anyway, I carefully rinsed each container made outta either glass or plastic and the caps or lids. I flushed down stuff that can be liquified and for the solid foodstuff, I threw away. There were three products NOT expired but I was on a roll and threw those out anyway.

Yeah, so, I guess there is no hiding stuff from recording angels. They know stuff – good, bad, and fugly. Once again, I’m embarrassed to be human with all failings of sins and sinfulness. Yet confident enough to ‘know better’ (although I still do NOT understand the ‘weight’ of this concept) to stand before God and his love and mercifulness.


Flynn B ready to throw out stuff but still hoard and I still can’t let go of stuff – real or imagined – that may come in useful sometime in the near future or not. I’ve got too much junk that needs to go away, period.

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