Dear diary,

I’ve given myself a haircut two nights ago. I forgot why I wanted one but I guess I got sick and tired of my hairstyle.

I think I complained about being blondish in thinking and expectation. And after watching and liking YouTube videos on my recommended list, I’ve decided to keep my hair color and go Goth.

That’s correct! I remember my high school English class and the whitish teacher, who mentioned something about my writing about dark things.

Welp, I barely remember stuff from my past, which would explain why I feel the need to blog – so I won’t forget I ever did stuff.

And after watching the videos on hair and makeup-stuff I could never master, I’ve decided to try giving myself haircut, first with scissors unsuccessfully because the lines were crooked and then with clippers per the videos.

Voila! For two days now, I’ve been sporting my new micro bangs, also known as baby bangs, Betty Paige bangs, Romulan bangs, Spock bangs. I’m pleased with the results.

I’ve worn my bangs short in the past but have decided to cut it really really short, revealing my huge forehead while keeping my hot headed cool during the heat waves.

I didn’t feel overheated during yesterday’s post lunch walk around the park with Dad as I figured my micro bangs were short enough to keep my cool.

Next I’ll need to learn how to apply scary makeup and that’s to freak out the professional staff and other strangers who think I’m a dump, which is true because I’m wearing Mom’s loose clothing to keep cool!


Flynn B a sloppy frumpy dumpy old fart with no sense if style.

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  1. I need to trim my super long Tarzana hair. I pull it up and it is sticking out everywhere and keeps trying to dredlock on me, by matting up. Already past my butt, and it’s been almost a year since the last trim.


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