Dear diary,

I forgot to mention that I’ve been receiving subtle to severe muscle spasms or cramps. I wonder if I’ll pass onward next since I’ve no one else to give care, except Dad who is short circuiting from grief.

Yeah, so on the morning before her passing, I would wake up in the early morning hours, every hour. The spasms would be at my ankles, toes, calves, and sometimes the sides of my ribs. I felt like dying.

And rightfully so, I may have felt mom dying slowing as I tingled severely, doubled over with tunnel vision and the uncomfortable pain that I thought I would have passed out.

I was hobbling on my cramped feet and ankle and barely reached inside our mostly empty refrigerator and grabbed whatever sugary liquid I could drink, in case I assumed that I needed sugar, I drank Mom’s strawberry flavored Glucerna and then an orange Fanta soda can for good measures.

Speaking of purging earlier, I had transferred all frozen items from the garage freezer into the cramped freezer indoors. I unplugged the device to save money and the following day, Dad wiped down the defrosted interior and opened the door wide for air drying.

My brother stayed for only three days until his Twit Wifey came to fetch him home. I’m done for now as I’ve lots to clean up here at home. I hoping our local parish would do their annual winter coat collection because I have to get rid of old stuff that I never really used or felt comfortable wearing due to fatness.


Flynn B going to bed alone!

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