Dear diary,

I’m looking up the word ‘tantau’ and found an article defining its meaning. I do NOT understand the esoteric meaning. All I know is that there is a bridge I mentioned en route homebound.

After picking up my packages from two different Amazon locker locations two days ago Friday evening, Dad and I headed back home. This was before nine o’clock in the evening.

Upon my freaking arrival and without freaking fail (at night only because that’s when the lights are turned on), the steady light would move sideways and then blink outta the away and turn off!

Yeah, so besides that, last night I was cleaning up the master bedroom closet and towards the end say ten or eleven or whatever at night, I would feel a heavy and hear a buzzing noise pressure inside my head.

I figured that would be ‘mom’ as she probably didn’t know why I wasn’t acknowledging her presence while walking back and forth so quickly. So I paused and didn’t say anything aloud but thought aloud to her – but I forgot.

I guess I was tired and really wanted to purge this old house of memories. But until she finds rest, I can’t rest either. So yeah the feeling is a bummer. I know y’all are listening! I don’t like the feeling.

Anyway, I still have to do a lot of leg work and cleaning up stuff can be done rather quickly. But because I’m freaking GRIEVING, I’m taking power naps due to being sick and tired of GRIEVING. Also, I still have to donate lots of stuff.

Which brings me to my OLD car: I want to donate my 1998 Ford Mustang car. It has a new radiator and new sensors for those gassy fumes things – oh yeah, emission. The fuel cap is NOT locked, though because it’s OEM. The fluids are new. The tires are new.

Yeah for one buck, I’d like to unload it – it’s a good deal really. Why, Flynn? Are you freaking crazy? Yup. I cannot afford it, now that Dad is the only income provider. I now must ‘work’! Gasp!


Flynn B pissed that stuff isn’t fair! Dad sobbed into the arms of his younger sister Maldeath while Malouse cried also. The former buried 2.5 children – the half being Kathy, and the latter buried her husband, who she felt suffered too much and needed to be put down like mom. Grrr.

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