Dear diary,

Tonight, I went back to choir after MIA for the better part of this year 2018 due to a care giving assignment, which has ended Wednesday, August 8, 2018, which happens to be the Feast of Saint Dominic for a choir member’s hometown in the PI and which happens to be the birthday of three choir members, especially our fearless choir conductor!

OMG! I guess since I’ve no real life, I’ll stick around and then travel with the choir members: I’ll end up returning to the SJSC next September. Those who make the final cut don’t really audition for the next rounds. These members are expected to stay FOREVER, and ever, and ever, Amen!

And so Dad and I were trying to keep busy today. We went to donate my old hearing aides but the chump wasn’t around in his office. Then I went to Mom’s sleeping doctor (for CPAP and OSA stuff) and cried with the doctor to inform her personally of Mom’s passing. Then we went to eat at home because my tummy was aching from hunger, Then we went to the doctor’s office of eyeballs, donated Mom’s three eyeglasses, and informed them of Mom’s passing. And then we did a drive-by of my job interview.

Freaking unbelievable! The site location is MUCH farther than expected! I thought it would be south of our local airfield base. So when the Google lady announced the site location, I was surprised because there was no signboard or logo, but a building with writing on the top indicating that it’s the main entrance, lobby, and whatever spooky side effects of the area, especially an overflowing garbage with a black crow ready to clean up the mess.

I can’t believe my damn luck! I was hopeful and then I was aghast! The winds blew strongly because the location was near the SF Bay. And so we went home slowly in my old car, which I wanted to donate for one freaking dollar, so that the old car won’t conk out on me. I kept the speed to a comfortable sixty miles per hour and thank goodness there was no traffic because the constant stoppage would have overheated my car, despite having a new radiator worth over eight hundred dollars! So who wants it? It’s paid off.

And so tomorrow, I’m re-organizing the clothes. I’m gonna sort by material = cotton or plastic, and by style, in case I’ll be working. So my stuff will be downstairs and the other stuff are in the closets upstairs waiting to be donated after all these years of non-usage. My lifestyle is low maintenance as I’m ill equipped to know a good style from a fugly style. I just love being comfortable and didn’t bother ironing my shirt!


Flynn B fat again.

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