Dear diary,

My weblog is still set to private mode and only MM and DB are invited to view my stuff and no one else, except maybe Matt Meister and his Happiness Engineers from team Automattic. Any comments that have already been approved can be seen by the twosome. The comments that are still pending approval are only viewable by me.

So while crapping some watery stuff, Dad and I came back from our local bank as Valued Customers since 1976. Mom’s name was removed from the personal account. But later on, we’ll have to make an appointment to set up the Estate account in order to deposit her checks, which are really claims reimbursement checks for doctor visits. There’s probably a few live check stragglers left to deposit.

The stuff for SS and pension are probably gonna be reversed because I saw a couple of deposits done for the month of August. But Dad is covered and may have survivors benefits, continuing as if normal. So y’all won’t be too stranded. And if I get this MAILROOM gig that’s fifteen bucks per hour in the pot.

My parents are lucky. Because the leg work to process the estate has been smooth and easy with their revocable living trust. And as executors of the estate, it’s cool beans for now. Some parents don’t have children nearby to help and they end up taking the bus and waiting in long lines. Whereas I get to do the research per information found online prior to visiting the business entities for further processing.

So next Monday we have an appointment with our local SSA office and then I’ll have to mail back Mom’s Senior Citizen ID card to the DMV along with the death certificate. Our local bank faxed our certified copy, which cost freaking $21 per certified copy! We got three copies, which were available yesterday the sixteenth and were picked up today at the funeral home where we paid the remaining balance which was in the tens if thousands.

I think that’s it. I already received an estate package that I’ll have to review carefully. It’s for Dad’s stuff. Good coverage.

Anyway, we’re just now preparing lunch, which is California time. And then we’ll head off to the parlor to inform the ladies of Mom’s passing. Lots of leg work.


FLYNN B hot and sweaty while waiting for Dad’s earlier after taking photos of Mom’s resting place, because today was warmer!

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