Dear diary,

While just sitting down to transfer her hand-written text for Mom’s eulogy into a document with a font size of say, 14, for readability, I received a comment regarding the alleged voice of Mom whispering into that visionary’s earhole. I’m weary of such stuff as I barely recollect that Yesa was NOT charge for the initial disclosure.

While I love to entertainment my thoughts that such blessed souls have faster spiritual interconnectedness than most, I’m just observing simply as a human without the extra, as you put it, a curse – to see and hear ghost and to be able to perform OBE as if removing one’s clothing.

While I am hopeful for the future, all stuff thus far has been, how shall I say, put away without really ‘enjoying’ the fruits of my labor. I guess everything that seems to manifest comes from a thought. I do NOT know how to explain but I’ll just do the best and push forward for my sake and stuff.

Yeah, so yesterday I was on a cleaning rampage, I emptied out almost all of Mom’s clothes, since the size is too HUGE for my human form and I left the All-Cotton shirts she has made, the shiny acrylic clothes, and other over-sized 18 pants that I’ll have to get rid of.

I called out local Goodwill store and inquired if their drop-off location behind the building was still open and the girl answered my phone call and said that they closed at 7pm. So I hurried Dad along who was helpful in thinning out the hoarding of several of her and my personal clothings.

We loaded eight HUGE garbage bags of sweaters, jackets, shirts, pants, jackets, hats; one whitish roller cart and one blue laundry basket, each containing plastic products, some from One Dollar Tree; one vertical Xmas bag of health-related junk; two cardboard moving boxes of new and old handbag-related products; and I guess that’s it.

I’m planning to donate more in the upcoming days as I really wanted to get rid of stuff in case I have to move outta this old house, which is unlikely since the real property is paid off. I told Dad to unload another real property but he refuses. He’s making stuff difficult then and now. I don’t know WTF I have to suffer again.

Anyway, I was trying to thin out the linen closet and other closet of old bed stuff. I do NOT like acrylic because of the shock and awe from static electricity. No matter how much I try to lotion my dry skin, I still have clings and shocks. So I’m keeping the nice stuff and then later I’ll change my mind.

I’m sleepy now from post lunch stuffing. But I must push forward and type up Dad’s stuff.


Flynn B typing again.

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