I created a 20180815-Tri_Fold_Program_Vintage_Loop program for my Mom’s Funeral Mass.

From the template of our local pastor, I created Mom’s funeral program, which won’t be delivered until late Tuesday night. Once again, only MM and SB are allowed to view my weblog which is currently set to:

“Private | Your site is only visible to you and users you approve.”

Oh, and last night my cousin Yesa called from Melbourne, Australia via the cellphone of David, her husband, an Aussie. I called her back and forgot that maybe we’ll end up paying for international phone calls via our landline! Ack! I’m so slow!

Anyway, she cried and I cried and David talked and we want to see each other. I’ve never been outta the country except over a decade ago and was sick for two weeks visiting the Philippines. So I do NOT travel well due to shock and awe of my system. How much more if I travel outta my local area? Yes, I’ve gotten edema going to Los Altos, California for the past few months while taking care of Mom at the nursing home. Now my edema is gone.

Anyway, so we have business to take care off. And guess what? It’s gonna cost lots of money, which I do NOT have. It’s supposed to be a big deal – a good deal for those greedy hopefuls from the third world country that I never knew. So I’ll need your prayerful guidance to make all distributions fair and equitable, though I do NOT know any of those humanz.

Anyway, Yesa told me that two of my maternal cousins didn’t reply to her FYI of Mom’s passing. When David and Yesa visited the Philippines last year, she reported to me that Angeline and Analyne (two of siblings of four living in San Jose, CA) complained to Yesa that I should NOT take care of my mother and hire a caregiver because I do NOT have a life. That’s the same sentiment from my brother and my paternal cousins. Hmm. Interestingly enough, they are the ones who refuse to take care of the elderly. I do not know why they are heartless souls and have chosen to lead the selfish path of existence. Yet somehow strangers and friends seem to gravitate cluelessly towards them.

Anyway, Yesa wanted to come to America this September and take care of Mom for three months. However, her one and only son PeeWee was gonna visit for that same time of the year. Now that Mom passed on, Yesa is allowed to live her life and focus on PeeWee, who mysteriously got his Visa on Mom’s Date of Sunset August 8, 2018 to travel to Australia! Mom already asked Yesa’s permission if she could die during their last phone call together this year.

Anyway, Yesa also told me that David’s former sister-in-law (he was divorced and Yesa is his second wife) shared a dream vision with Yesa in which Mom told or whispered into the dreamer’s ear and told her that Yesa is her special daughter, a right hand and reliable person. I know because my parents helped Yesa, who graduated with honors as an engineer. She’s a smart person. I guess I did NOT inherit the engineering bloodline and got stuck with a potty mouth and an autistic or simply father with OCD, echolalia and other weird stuff.

Once again, the synchronicities are becoming more frequent and more apparent. I’m just wondering if I could think more happy thoughts and interfere with the freewill, err, program an alternate reality where those heartless stubborn old souls, who won’t release their hurt feelings and vile sentiments against the harsh teachers, can just simply go away.

But I guess that is the way it is: good, bad and fugly – co-existing forever.

Thanks for the love and hugs. Bah!

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