Dear diary,

I love these inspiring stories! That’s why I like to follow these tasty breadcrumbs: it’s spiritually fulfilling! I hope other young souls who may reading your weblogs or reading my rants would understand what is going on with you and your life. I hope other young souls can help you and your family, too.

A few days ago on 8/17, Dad and I picked up a piece of paper, which was stamped with a Date Issued By August 16, 2018. And as I slowly read over the stuff, I noticed something in Box 116. The license number has 666, though Box 115 is a Catholic! I kid y’all not! The triple digit value seems Biblical in reference.

Also, I noticed that our Funeral Arranger has a name variation of the word ‘light’. He is Mexican. But I thought his name and the funeral home were Italians. So it’s difficult to tell or judge the nationality and ethnicity of any human based on a name or physiological traits. Dad would always asks these humanz: “Where are you from?” Dad refuses to stop asking humanz these questions, in which responses are voluntary.

“If you are reading this, you may in fact be called to action. To serve the Most High in battle. Maybe.”

Friends – I have none. Mom, my best friend is gone. Now I have Dad a new, yet annoying friend. Mister Mel the parakeet and other humanz may be my friends. But only Mister Mel is nice enough to acknowledge my presence and is happy enough to play with me. Sheesh.

Employment – I used to serve Mom. Now I serve Dad. Sheesh. (Oh, I’ve not had real employment or a good paying job since 2007!)

The words ‘shadow banned on the internet’ are new to me. I’ll research the definitions later on. But I prefer anonymity online for my blog of usual rants. I don’t like to rock my sane boat either.

I noticed that crazy drivers on the road seem to cut me off or that I seem to cut them off. I’ve been driving slower and slowly due to head pressure (I told y’all to cut it out that night of receiving your emails regarding my car); and congestion in the sinus and lungs.

My parents are my lifesaver and are YOUR lifelines! Do NOT ever forget that piece of truth. Now that Mom is gone, I only have Dad for support. We never did go on vacations because our hearts are at home. When we took a couple of airplane trips back to the PI, a relative would pass away; so we decided to stop traveling. My old clothes were Made by Mom. The furnishings are old, too.

I think Respondent living directly adjacent to us appeared last Wednesday morning prior to leaving the funeral home to our local church. I saw a familiar maroon colored Dodge caravan, which sports a black leather wrap over the front headlights and hood for reference. Her license plate changed to: “hand – Duh – New York – hate – oh – hand”. Whosoever is telling her to avoid the law is Satanic and Evil.

My extended family has avoided us after our growing years of birthday parties. My Dad still refuses to talk to his siblings. Mom’s relatives didn’t show up, except the eldest of four of her late brother’s children. My brother knew he would show up., but he wondered why he didn’t talk much with us. Dad wanted to tell him why didn’t he show up while Mom was alive but he held back his tongue. My brother said there is no point in them showing up because they would only contribute to Mom’s pain and suffering.

In the past, we were wondering why our tires seems to go flat. We were thinking the second husband (who filed the first RO against Respondent living directly adjacent to us) was spilling nails near our driveway; since he was a handy man. I don’t know about the GPS trackers, which I feel is for my safety and proof of my whereabouts. I noticed that my gasoline seems to dwindle fast before I got my sensors REPLACED!

I wonder if Buddhists are Satanists since they do NOT believe in Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior. Our area is mostly Asians. A nice mansion was turned into their temple. I noticed recently that instead offering food and drink to their reddish demonic statues, they would use a pink fleshy human images. But my brother said that one major road means something in Russia. Our neighborhood once had a strong Russian population.

Well, three nights ago after Thursday evening’s choir rehearsal and while scanning and archiving the envelopes, cards, checks and cash from the vigil and funeral, I heard several FAST moving swoosh and LOW humming law enforcement vehicles give chase on MY long stretch of road going northbound. The coppers do NOT bother us.

As for the alphabet soup agencies, I know they are buzzing around an Old Soul, who told me so. But because of his fidelity with hanging around important folks, he’s a happy and trustworthy soul. The only theft was my time and effort to do better stuff in life.

Regarding your stuff for survival. I think we are all spending way beyond our means and I do NOT like that. So for you to have anything to do with frightful and scary stuff against their dark work, wait, reverses what you are trying to do, only good stuff and as allowed by YHVH. Oh, okay. It’s like what I have observed in the past while watching and listening to mainstream ad nauseam news media – reversing stuff and confusing humanz. I see.

Why take a flight, when y’all can take a hike? Sorry, I just had to rhyme! Das Squirrel does NOT like to travel by plane. But if he really wants to go somewhere, he does fly away. I’ve NOT taken any flights on my own, because I’m broke and obviously I’m supposed to do something else with my stash. Duh.

So after Thursday evening’s choir rehearsal and en route homebound, lo and behold, my possible implants may have triggered yet another blackout on one street light lamp. I wanted to see if driving farther along my usual route would trigger other streetlight lamp blackouts, but it only happens once. It must be my active imagination. I do NOT know if my new zapper by DG is supposed to work against these implants.

I would hate to say it – but as I’m trying to understand and “read in between the lines”, my incoming thought indicated that stuff happens on many levels (like peeling away layers of an onion) and that stuff with all the monitors is just looking out for your best interest – to ensure you are tracked and monitored at all times and that you just do NOT simply disappear. I think y’all are way too important NOT to be noticed and I’d hate to say it, admired.

Ah, yes! Your former life! Did you enjoy whatever you could possibly want? Maybe you needed to be reminded that “God is your shepherd and there is NOTHING you shall want”. Sometimes if you give each other a hard time, someone will have to go. ‘They’ wanted to take my parakeets and did. One was retarded and lovingly playful. Our old ways suggested that if one entity is falling ill or is dying, one must take its place. So Mister Mel lived and Mom died. One was still young. The other has led a long and arduous life. Yeah, yeah. Your twit wifey is messed up.

Yeah, yeah. Those were the days when I didn’t have to leave my job but there were signs and creeps all around enough for me that I had to go. And you know the rest is history. Each falling stone seems to hit the ground harder than the next. Since then, I’ve been idle, and wasting time NOT earning income, too. Isn’t that ironic? Hmm? Huh? Well?

“People don’t want to know and could care less.”

I was trying to disclose stuff to Das Squirrel, thinking he’d be open-minded enough to understand. But I think each soul is too arrogant, distracted and unwilling to learn. They are NOT ready. So to push this agenda of ‘full disclosure’ may ‘corrupt’ their spiritual path. That’s the ticket, I think. They may have to take many lifetimes to fully ‘Grok’. He’s been disclosing stuff to me; but that’s SMALL physical fighting back stuff compared to spiritual work.

“Once you go down this road of working for Dad, there IS NO TURNING BACK. Even if you wanted to, they won’t let you.”

Wait! I thought God allows us to walk the path of life at our own pace!

“Once you get on the CIA/FBI shite list, its for life.”

Yup. I serve all ways as an observer. I cannot judge, though I’m pissed as hell.

“And the covens and intel agencies are ONE AND THE SAME. I repeat, the intelligence agencies are RUN BY SATANIC COVENS AND THE ILLUMINATI. The dark side. Evil.”

Oh, okay. I thought each is bound by laws, rules and regulations and serve according laws that will bite them back hard for failing to comply. I see that karmic debt may be employed to some extent as no one can escape death.

“This is what you can expect when your power of Spirit from Yeshua’s blood, interferes with their dark plans.”

You have the right and the spiritual protection. They cannot stop you. They shouldn’t be afraid, though I’m surprised; for it is their chance to be reminded, at least, and with some hope that they can be convinced NOT to hate what God has created.

“You are given what I never received.”

I know but I’ll find out what will shake outta this mess.

“Finally, this. This isn’t about scaring you or whining about my life.”

I know but I like your writing style. It’s easy on the eyes.

Oh, and thank you for sharing the family photo. Like I said, you are REALLY good (as you did pick up my ‘subtle’ thoughts regarding my nice thoughts about her and your family.) Good luck, chumps!


Flynn B up late at night again after sleeping off the antihistamine and pain killers to help me recover from funeral cooties.

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