Gee! I was waiting a VERY long time for you to mention that animalz have souls!

If animalz can display emotions – anger, pain, happiness, and derp, than yeah animalz have souls. And the humanz who shepherd them better NOT defile them, meaning no fornication, no abuse, no neglect, no hunger, no starvation, no killing, no hunting (due to that ‘right to life’), and no other bad stuff, period.

So the other day, I did have yet another ‘subtle’ thought about animalz and humanz and soulz – which y’all probably picked up prior to my thinking such stuff. And I was wondering if animalz can derp, poop, and eat like humanz, who are like animalz, creatures created by God, then yeah they all have living soulz.

And love connects such creatures to each other – no fornication, of course. For example, Mister Mel displays such loving affection unto moi, that the other two babies are wondering why he is a such species traitor, meaning he’s connecting unnaturally to humanz by throwing up and offering kisses!

Yeah so maybe we all should stop butchering, hunting, killing, and sacrificing animalz unnecessarily unto judgment day when y’all who are into strange ritualz will end up into the great Void. Count on it! That’s the word ‘VOID’.


Flynn B full of dinner: Brussel spouts, canned sardines in tomato sauce, steamed white rice, leftover sandwich from Jersey Mike’s Subs, and fresh watermelon from Dad’s backyard.

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