Well, from one photo via the YouTube video, I saw features that made me think that AJ is NOT BH. First the ear lobes and shape are NOT the same. Second the furrowing eyebrows are NOT the same. Third the brow bone ridge are NOT the same. Fourth the hairline are NOT the same. Fifth the settings of his eyeballs and eyelids are NOT the same.

For a while I was watching Infowars. Mom would watch Infowars. But eventually we got sick and tired of the noise and decided NOT to watch Infowars. I also unsubscribed to the Infowars YouTube channel. Why? Because the problems of this hellish planet can’t seem to go away. He helped to identify these alleged problems and he can’t seem to do anything about it. And as such, we stopped listening.

Maybe next year, I’ll go on a one year Sabbatical – away from church and stuff. We haven’t been watching television, except for whatever reason Dad wanted to watch the McCain stage prop because his favorite Barry was giving a speech.

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